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Established 2010.

Our wonderful adventure began on a sunlit beach in Juno Beach, Florida.  We had not gone to the beach together but met there as an accident.  As it so happened, that accident would intertwine our lives forever. 

Alex spotted an old friend laying on the beach and asked if he could join, little did he know his future wife would be sitting with that friend and they would connect and speak every day since then.


     Sam was finishing her sophomore year in high school when we met. She was active in chorus at Palm Beach Gardens High School as well as her Color Guard team. She had also just finished her season on the swim team and had a rockin body!  She was an old soul who loved family time more than going out.  She taught me all the great songs of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  She had an affinity for leather jackets and was never afraid to get her hands dirty.  She loved singing in the car listening to her favorite songs of the moment and spending as much time as she could hanging out with friends.  


Alex was entering his freshman year of college at Palm Beach State with a focus on Biology but spent the summer completing his EMT certification and volunteering in neighboring hospitals. He had a bleach blonde mop hair cut and was a bit of a beach rat. Alex was always sun kissed and all muscle man running around town in board-shorts and his white Mustang. He had goals of working his way into the medical field and helping others in any way he could. 

In 2012 our next adventure began.  We both were accepted to Florida Atlantic University, Sam pursued a degree in Hospitality Management and Alex furthered his dream of working in the medical field with a degree in Biology.  We couldn't have been on more different paths but our relationship continued to flourish.  After a year of college we moved into our first apartment together after a horrible roommate debacle.  Fortunately, it was the best mishap that could have occurred.  We got to live together as one unit.  We learned how to get along and how to work as a team.  We learned each others quirks and habits, what we liked and didn't like, and we learned more about each other than we ever would have. After 2 years of apartment living we moved back home in order to save money and that's when the real struggle began.  We had to accommodate to not only living in different homes and not seeing each other every day but we had to relearn how to live at home.  It tested our relationship more than anything had up to that point.  Thankfully, we were a strong couple already and we were able to set up an even visitation schedule to please both of our families.  It was a heck of a balancing act but with perseverance and relatively good communication skills we were able to overcome together yet another hurdle life threw at us. 

After a year of living at home, going to school and working Sam graduated with her degree and was instantly picked up as an event coordinator in Fort Lauderdale.  Unfortunately, that was an hour and a half away from where we were living which meant we had little time to spend with each other since we were still living separately.  2 years after that Alex graduated with his degree in Biology and Psychology and we were finally back to living together. 

In May of 2018 we planned our first big European adventure, a 16-day vacation unlike anything we have done. It turned out to be the best vacation full of adventures and surprises every step of the way. 


  Our journey together has not always been a smooth one but it has always been memorable.  And as we always say, "It's not the destination, it's the journey."

Lots of Love,

Sam & Alex

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