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You can't control what you can't control

Updated: May 6, 2020

We held off long enough but, it is just not the right time. With the world in such turmoil during the Covid19 pandemic we have made the extremely hard decision to postpone our wedding in Italy in June. This decision has not come lightly and we have considered all aspects of travel and risk for each guest individually.

Although this is a hard choice, ultimately the choice was simple when putting our family's lives at stake.

We are in the process of discussions with each of our vendors to shift the date to the summer of 2021. Once that date has been determined we will be contacting each attendee to inform out and assist in any possible way to help with these changes.

Yes, we are sad and appreciate all the kind words of comfort. Our relationship has already overcome so much in the last 10 years and will continue to endure every obstacle presented.

We are so looking forward to seeing our vision through to have our dream wedding. Thank you for being apart of this roller coaster with us, we can't wait to celebrate with you.


Sam & Alex

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