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Third Times a Charm?

Covid 19?... more like Covid 19, Covid 20, Covid 21 and Covid 22.

For anyone who knows us, Alex and I are persistent and have made it through many hard times. No matter what happens we will adjust and try to make the best of it. Don't get me wrong, there have been many tears shed every time we have had to postpone. Since we have been waiting all this time, why shouldn't we wait for our dream wedding.

With all the understanding that the world looks different and we will make adjustments to our plans, but Italy was always a non negotiable situation. It holds an incredible place in our hearts and is worth the wait. In the last two years of postponement there have been deaths, marriages and babies born. So much to mourn and so much to celebrate. Strangely enough, there is some comfort in knowing what we have already endured no matter how hard it was at the time. It gives us solace and strength to know we will keep pushing onward. One of my favorite quotes from Robin Arzòn goes something like "I don't know of any successful person who doesn't have some struggle or story of strength that got them to the point of success." She also introduced me to a phrase I live by now... "I've made it through 100% of my bad days". If that's not the truth, I don't know what is!

The biggest challenge these days is having the drive to see through something that has been an uphill battle. When I mean by that is simply the sheer amount of work it takes to plan a wedding. Alex and I will be legally married for 2 years by the time our dream will come true in Italy and there are a few magical bits of the marriage or union that I feel like we have already experienced. Most of which were alone and in quarantine (not ideally fun). I also can't think of any couple that I have been close to in the planning process of their wedding that hasn't said "man this is all so much work, we kinda want to elope or just go to the courthouse". With that said, none of them actually did! Each person has seen their wedding day dream through to the end and have those incredible memories to look back on... As I am writing this it dawns on me that I just need to keep that in mind when I am feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated in planning our wedding.

Maybe our break was too long and the momentum of planing has come to such a stop that the wheels are a little rusted and it's harder to start again than to just keep pushing forward at a slower pace. It's been almost 3 YEARS since we really had to plan anything!

Well that ends now! I am committed to seeing it through and make some small movements forward to get to our goal.

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