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So what's happening?

This past year has had so many highs and lows...some in our control and some without. The only thing you can do in the midst of a pandemic is take care of yourself, your loved ones and plan for when we can all be together again.

Last year when we sat down and made the decision to postpone our wedding it was heartbreaking. Granted in the big picture of what was taking place world wide, there are more devastating things to mourn. But, that didn't change how disappointed we were when years worth of passion and dreams went into the planning. The biggest take away for me was managing expectations. I built this grand picture in my mind of what the month leading up to the wedding would be like, what I would pack for the honeymoon, how Alex would react when he saw me in my dress for the first time. I set myself up for a big disappointment because my expectations were so high. So when the tears were shed and the news was shared and we all went back to sitting in our houses socially distanced I had to figure out what was next. I decided to "Control what you can control and celebrate wherever possible".

So we did.

We got our marriage license from the courthouse and arranged for a good friend to marry us on our 10 year anniversary. It was a very private time for just Alex and I. We toasted over some champagne and celebrated all that we have endured over the last ten years.

We held out for the big ceremony (which will one day happen) to exchange personal written vows, rings and the attire. Although we adjusted to capture that special date, we do want to have that experience in a beautiful place with our family around us.

Since the world is still shaky, we have decided to forgo our wedding ceremony in Italy until 2022. There was no sense in rushing the ceremony since we were already married legally and there is no reason to put our family at risk.


We have spent our first year of marriage purchasing our first home and its tiny! NO literally its a tiny home. We bought a Forest River Cardinal 5th Wheel RV. I know so many family members have been asking why we would do that???... Well the short answer is, we want to travel (that's no secret to anyone) but this has given us the opportunity to shed some of our materialistic stuff and downsize to what is important. With Alex working on his nursing degree, we are going to get into contract nursing around the country. This will give us the chance to explore different areas of the country and find a location we like and would want to settle down in.

The settling down bit might be a few years out though, we have so much we want to see, explore and experience before finding more permanent roots. Our home is about 333 sq/ft of living space and it is PERFECT! We are going to be rolling along with Finn (our 90 lb English Lab) and our 2 cats Jack and Leo.

Today we celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, Many would ask why we kept everything so quiet? That is something I have asked myself for the last year. It's kind of like the little bubble of bliss you feel right after you get engaged... We just wanted that to last as long as we could and sometimes holding that near made me feel like we were still in the bubble. Either way, we have had our bubble and we are ready to share and celebrate this last year. 2020 has been a year like no other, and even among the bad, we found so much good.


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