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Down the Rabbit Hole we go...


As promised, a "good story or two" will be found here!

We wanted to kick off this with a little insight as to "why."

Why do you have a website like this?
Why are we planning to get married in Italy?
Why are we making a blog about this process?

We created the website in order to communicate with all of our friends, family, fans and more about anything that could be related to our wedding. It will be a go-to informational if you are celebrating along with us or watching everything unfold with a bucket of popcorn. Not only is it a more modernized approach of sharing the details of the wedding, but also allows us to document our journey in a fun and creative way.

The idea of Italy for our wedding came...... well honestly, we can't even remember when it all started. It seems like it was always what we wanted. Sam had a strange fascination with sunflower fields before we met. It must have been pretty organic for our passion for adventure and travel to merge with sunflower fields and a picture perfect landscape such as the Tuscan Region of Italy. We tend to be more private in the intimacy of our relationship so an elopement to Italy and a post wedding celebration was the perfect combination of privacy and inclusion for us. What could be more fun than an Italian Elopement?!

Needless to say planning a wedding (if you have ever done it) is not easy. There are so many intricacies and details that pop up along the way it makes it planning a wedding sometimes very stressful and taxing but why not add international planning in there to make it more challenging and fun! We are hoping that this process of documentation will not only be helpful to ourselves but maybe just maybe we can help some other couples who are attempting to jump these international hurdles.

Grab a Spritz and get comfortable, we have a lot coming your way. Thank you in advance for taking this ride with us we hope you enjoy it!

#AdventuresofSamandAlex2020 #ItalianWedding #ItalianElopement #TuscanDreams

Lots of Love,

Sam & Alex


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