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  Nestled in the countryside of Tuscany is Fattoria Di Corsignano. Just outside of Siena, this property is an organic working vineyard that embraces the beauty of the Italian culture and its region.  The venue hosts a variety of acitivities for all of our guests.  There are cooking classes that we would personally recommend doing (especially if you are a lover of pasta).  There is a wine tasting of the vineyards Chianti Classico which is the premier wine of the region.  They also offer massages ranging from shiatsu to a simple relaxing light massage. 


  An added perk of being nestled in the Siena countryside is how much there is to do around the venue. Siena city center is only a short 15 minute drive from the venue.  Florence which is a magnificent and ancient city is an hour drive from the venue but you can also take a local train from Siena to Florence.  As a side note, Florence is actually the city that the DeCavalcanti banking dynasty originated from.  Another popular destination to visit are the natural hot springs of Tuscany.  Sam and I visited one the last time we were in Arezzo and it was one of the most peaceful and local things we could have done.  The nearest hot spring is Bagni San Filippo which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the venue.  The larger and more popular Terme di Saturnia is about a 2 hour drive from the venue. 


  Getting to the Venue is going to be a journey of its own!  Unless you are traveling directly into Siena (which I don't recommend unless you can afford those flights) most of us will have to take at least a train to get to Siena.  In that case, depending on where you fly into will determine how you get to Siena.  The easiest and most cost effective option that I have found is to fly into Rome and take a short train ride into Siena.  The venue will then have a shuttle to pick anyone up from Siena and bring them to the organic vineyard estate.  If flying into other nearby airports like Milan, Bologna, and Pisa it might be faster to take another short plane ride to a closer city like Rome or Florence.    


  Alex and I are working side by side with the incredible team there to host our family as well as the ceremony and reception. 

Below you will find links to references that can be used to maximize your trip and see all that the Tuscan region has to offer! 

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Fattoria di Corsignano

Our Romantic Venue

in the Tuscan Hills


What to do?

Recommendations of activities nearby.

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Explore Siena



Explore The Medieval City

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Travel Options

Planes, Trains and Automobiles to get to the venue


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