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     Siena, a beautiful Tuscan town that is only a short 10 minute drive from the venue.  Now we don't know how long you will be staying in Italy but if you stay till July 2nd you can see an event called the Palio which is held twice a year in Siena and is a remarkable horse race around the Piazza del Campo.  Consequently, the Piazza del Campo is worth a visit even if there is no horse race being held because it is held in high regard as one of Europe's greatest medieval squares.  Inside the Piazza del Campo is the Torre del Mangia built in 1338 and offers a wonderful view if you are willing to embark up its 400 steps.  Just west of the Piazza del Campo is the Duomo di Siena which was a medieval church built in the early 1200s.  It now serves as a remarkable library known as the Piccolomini Library which is filled with beautiful works of art adorning the walls and ceilings by Pinturicchio. 


    Now if you are not a history buff or could care less about some "old stuff" then what else is there to do than STUFF your face full of delicious sienese food and Tuscan wine.  Every Wednesday morning till early afternoon is the biggest market in Tuscany held at La Lizza where you can find amazing Tuscan street food.  In Siena you will be able to try wine from the Chianti regions or the Montalcino regions and everything is fresh as can be.  If your a chef or would like to become one Siena has a wide variety of cooking classes which can also teach you how to find the right ingredients and what to look for with your ingredients.  


     And for those of you with an adventure bug Siena offers many Vespa tours that usually end in wine tasting.  Or if you prefer to be your own mode of transportation there are countless trails to hike in and around Siena.   

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